Driving Safe AI

Optimize Models for Safe and Secure Outcomes

Don’t just manage risks. Mitigate your perception system’s chances of encountering unknown situations and enhance its resiliance.

Deliver Robust and Reliable AI

In system-critical safety functions, failure of your AI is not an option. Ensure you can trust your perception system to perform even in adverse conditions.

The tool you need for your processes

Safety can’t wait. Our aidkit toolkit seamlessly integrates into and accelerates your workflow for timely deployment.


Innovate, Validate, and Mitigate

neurocat delivers innovation in quality control of automotive perception functions capable of matching the innovation of our clients.

Companies working with us and our aidkit software can seamlessly test and validate their perception components, ensuring they are safe and secure before deployment.

We help innovators realize the full potential of their AI enabled products through risk mitigation and resiliency.

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Targeted Solutions

Your AI is unique, and you know it best. Customize our aidkit for the tests and metrics you need and that fit into your workflow. Our experts in industry, domain, and AI compliance standards are there to support you in developing use-case specific testing strategies.

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Fail Now to Succeed Later

Validate your AI system using our aidkit, identifying failure points and weaknesses before deployment. Meeting your compliance requirements and safety obligations today builds the trust that leads to customers tomorrow.

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Reliable Performance

Mitigate risks for consistent and reliable performance when your AI system encounters safety-critical scenarios in the real world. Deploy with confidence with our aidkit seal of approval.


Meet aidkit: Preparing your AI for the World


Quality testing right in your pipeline

aidkit is our perception model testing toolkit built for ML Engineers to apply large scale quality assessment techniques for evaluating and debugging model vulnerabilities. Easily build your own testing pipelines by versioning your data, model, and evaluations in one place.


A tool that grows with you

aidkit allows you to automate and scale safety testing across models and datasets so it can grow as your company does without adding to your workload. Moreover, its input- and framework-agnostic tooling enables you to test all your use-cases on a single platform that you only have to integrate once.


Focus on what matters

It’s a big world out there and aidkit helps you efficiently identify and rectify the safety-critical functions your system needs to get right in real-world scenarios. Once you’ve proven to yourself your perception model is safe, aidkit then provides the evidence you need to show the world your AI is ready for it.

Looking for a Solution to Improve the Quality of Your Perception Models?

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