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Robustness, Comprehensibility, and Functionality of AI Systems.

Safe and Secure AI Systems

Support Companies to Develop and Deploy Robust and Trustworthy AI Systems.

Robust and Trustworthy AI

Enable Compliance to Highest Quality Standards.

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Innovation, Quality, and Risk Mitigation

neurocat’s focus is on delivering innovation in quality control of AI systems. Enables companies in evaluation, development and deployment of safe and secure AI systems. Help customers realize the full potential of AI systems by applying best practices in testing standards and risk mitigation.

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Targeted Solutions

neurocat applies vast industry, domain, and AI compliance standards to develop use-case specific AI testing strategies designed to evaluate and mitigate risks associated with deployment of AI systems.

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neurocat provides cutting edge research in the most demanding areas of AI quality evaluation and improvement to enable companies develop robust and explainable AI systems.

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neurocat supports customers in development of innovative AI products through our expertise in reserach, industry, testing and quality standards.

Our Services

Launch Your Next ML Project



Analysis and testing of ML models by applying state-of-the-art metrics and methods from – our AI Quality Analysis toolkit. ML models will be tested for robustness, comprehensibility, and functionality to detect vulnerabilities.



Eliminate vulnerabilities in AI systems by applying advanced defense techniques. Detect and remove crucial weaknesses and errors in AI systems to improve safety, security, and performance of the overall AI systems.


Risk Mitigation

Develop testing strategies aligned with the end application requirements to create evidence for safety and security claims and improve argumentations and certifications. Deliver toolbox to overcome dynamic risks associated with application deployment.

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