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neurocat provides innovative solutions to ensure safety compliance and comprehensive data coverage of AI systems in the automotive and mobility sector. 

Through our aidkit software we enable companies to identify vulnerabilities and data gaps in their perception functions in order to mitigate risk across the different ODDs and scenes their ADAS and ADS systems will encounter. 

In addition, aidkit users can leverage generated artifacts for model retraining and combine ODD attributes to discover new safe and unsafe areas as well as unanticipated interaction effects and correlations. 

By integrating these processes directly into our clients’ MLOps workflow aidkit ensures maximum performance during system tests and eventual on-time deployment. 

As a leader and community contributor to ML robustness (DIN SPEC 92001-1 / 92001-2) and automotive AI safety standardization (ISO/AWI PAS 8800) our aidkit tool is always updated to help our clients meet their regulatory obligations and customers’ expectations. 

AI is changing the way the world moves; neurocat moves your AI into the world. 

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Our Vision

AI is changing the world. We unleash its full potential by making it safe and secure.

Our Mission

We empower ML pioneers in building mission-critical AI systems. We identify and mitigate AI risks through our cloud platform aidkit.

Our Values

We value people – those behind the wheel and those behind the AI. We promote a supportive workspace for the creation of safe AI that society can rely upon.

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Our Origin Story

In the spring of 2017 several students of your typical mathematics department in your ordinary German city became disillusioned with the abstract nature of their discipline and indeed their own chosen course of academic life. 

With a desire to take their skills and apply them to a concrete purpose that would make the world a better place, they came together to search for how they could make a difference. The form and vehicle to realize their vision was neurocat and they were our founders. Slowly more mathematics students joined them, inspired by their passion. And soon the vague idea, around which every startup is founded, crystalized into a vision. 

Artificial Intelligence was at the height of its renaissance, and our founders shared with many others great enthusiasm for its promise. Yet seeing the math behind the machines gave them pause. As they dug deeper into especially adversarial AI they realized the safety critical vulnerabilities of many AI applications. If these were not addressed researchers and society would lose faith and trust in the security and safety of AIs and this AI spring would give way – like many before it – to an AI winter. 

neurocat had to prevent such a setback to a tool with such promise. Thus, the young neurocat sat at a table with a consortium of old big industry stakeholders and released the first ever AI quality standard. This got attention, and was followed by our first customer, from which came our first patents and publications with a focus on evaluating the robustness of AI models. This customer was the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen, and their influence on our direction was to be course-setting. 

neurocat had found its purpose: we find mistakes and identify failure. We quickly realized this did not market well. While the team was great with numbers, it was time to bring in people good with words and other skills. neurocat made its first business hires and set off to professionalize the company. 

Thus, neurocat came to focus on improving model robustness and enabling safe AI. All up to this point – finding errors and failures – were merely the means by which to attain this purpose, a purpose that has an actual impact.  

Now we just had to share the importance of our work. In our eagerness to get our message out we devoted time to participate in AI standardization committees. Sitting at the table with some big names opened new doors for consulting and research. 

But while we loved our consulting work, this was slow. How were we going to make AI safe for the world if we could not scale? How could we have a long-term vision when we bootstrapped the whole endeavor from project to project? 

Luckily our coding team had an idea: what if we also break things? Thankfully business development got their hands on this proposal and turned it into something to work with: We could test AIs while they were being built rather than finding problems after development was already done. 

With this vision, and a growing team of coders turning math and standards into a tool, neurocat was now a startup with more than just an idea, and this attracted investors. dSPACE entered the neurocat story as a new strategic partner and investor. 

Today, with a team of over 40 persons – from the founders, to coders, to business management professionals – and stable prospects, neurocat is implementing its strategic vision: to scale enabling safe AI by replacing our expertise with software capturing that expertise. This Software-as-a-Service is aidkit. 

Yet we did not forget our first customer from the automobile sector. The legacy of our work with them was interwoven into all we had done and who we had become. 

Given this expertise and history neurocat and aidkit have devoted themselves to enabling safe AI in the automotive and mobility sector, and especially in improving the robustness of the computer vision systems at the heart of the future of autonomous vehicles. 

If our story inspires you, become part of it. Work with us to realize the potential of AI today without compromising our safety tomorrow. 

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